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Greenfield & Brownfield

Extremely time sensitive business location decisions are complex, imply a variety of internal management challenges and have to be handled individually in a case by case assessment in order to avoid costly mistakes.


Global Aldea offers individual support throughout all stages of the site selection process and will help to identify the ideal location and site within the given timeframe for your project.

Global Aldea’s service is defined to compare locations and identify greenfield sites and brownfield buildings for a range of different industries and different cooperate functions including service centers, manufacturing facilities, R&D centers, and start-ups.

Global Aldea’s support includes:

Project team alignment: We will provide your team with a well-documented and defendable process, helping to make commonly accepted decisions throughout the whole location // site selection process

Determine selection factors: We will support you in choosing the right geographic scope and define important qualitative and quantitative factors necessary to compare locations // sites

Collection and validation of data: We will access and collect all necessary primary data for each location // site and validate the gathered information

Data processing: We will run the final data for each location through a scoring model allowing us to develop a ranking and give you an overview on the best matching sites for your project

Site visits: We will organize site visits to final locations for the management team to allow an on-site check and provide you with detailed briefing packages

Comprehensive reporting: We will provide you throughout the whole location // site selection process with comprehensive reports, documenting the progress for each phase, and will provide a final report as a decision-making basis



Countries, Regions & Cities

Many Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA) and Economic Development Organizations (EDO) have decided to face the strong competition in attracting foreign direct investment from key markets with foreign branch offices.

The decision by a government agency to set-up an own foreign office is in most cases cost intensive and it takes time and resources to recruit and educate the team, gather local market knowledge, and to connect to the necessary multipliers.

Global Aldea offers a "short cut" to having your own office in Germany and Europe. We know the European market and understand corporate decision making processes. At the same time, we also understand the result orientated expectations of government agencies.

Global Aldea can represent your organization in Europe and help with your lead generation efforts. Global Aldea makes a great effort to set and work with realistic target numbers and avoid any type of conflict (geographically as well as based on focus industries). We will always communicate openly with our existing clients to provide an individual service and meet our clients’ expectations.


Europe, Latin America & North America

It is not just a decision to work internationally, it requires preparation and in depth-market knowledge. Usually a new potential business opportunity or the expansion of an already existing client are reasons to consider a new market entry.

Global Aldea can support your market entry project and provide a detailed overview on the local economic and political situation on a country, regional or city level. We can analyze the market situation in your target market and provide a list of potential competitors or identify potential partners. 

Global Aldea can also analyze the potential for receiving start-up aid or the eligibility for other government incentive programs that might be available for your project.

Especially for Latin American market entries we can help to better understand the business culture and formalities that are crucial to do business.


Countries, Regions & Cities

The competition among Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA) to win local and international investment projects has increased on all geographic levels and the field of competing cities, regions and countries is growing.

Not only new emerging players, but also technology and subsequently new tools, allowing to identify and getting in touch with potential investors, require process adjustments and structural changes on an ongoing basis.

Global Aldea can help agencies to identify their weaknesses and to develop new international marketing strategies to successfully attract investors. This also includes market outreach missions within a defined geographic scope and targeting specific industries.  

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